Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday Night Dinner Report

Friday started at 4 am, and by 3:45 pm the button was pressed to submit the proposal. Relief washed away anxiety. I think I have given everyone—both supporters and detractors—tons to work with. Most Friday evenings I haul home from the lab and fire up something: the oven, the stove, the grill. This week I fired up the ‘ol land line to call for pizza delivery. 

Friday Night Dinners became our tradition almost 10 years ago. We had just moved to LA, and D, an acquaintance of mine from grad school days, lives only few blocks away. For the first year I had the intention of having him over for FND, but we all know how life goes sometimes, so between juggling new jobs and raising a young kid, it never happened. So I changed tack. Friday night dinners became the default—a standing invitation for every Friday night. Call to cancel.

By now it has been hundreds of Friday Night Dinners. Early nights, late nights. Lots of wine. Fancy food, leftovers, big salads, kitchen experiments, birthday-steaks. Inside, outside, warmth and chill. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, kids, dogs. Discussion, arguments, laughter, games, music, getting older.

This week besides family plus D, I invited my research group to help celebrate proposal submission. We enjoyed pizza, wine, a big salad. We welcomed the new postdoc to the US, to LA, to UCLA. We talked about movies, what motivates people to do work, poster design, what to do for group meetings. A neighbor dropped by. I lit a towel on fire making tea and left it smoldering on the back patio. Neighbors sniffing smoke came by again. I started yawning before 9 and we said goodnight.

A low-key and warm start to 2013 Friday night dinners.

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