Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notes on Teaching-Research-Service from the Home Infirmary

Sickness cancels Friday Night Dinner, and I have been working the home infirmary all week so instead of the FND report I will share a brief description of how my academic skills in teaching-research-service translate to the home front. Call it “broader impacts.”

My son could be hired by NASA to detect signs of parenting on other planets. Direct lectures have been ignored for years, one-on-one tutoring shunned, and subtle life lessons are exposed and mocked, like the vegetables in the meat loaf. 

Password decryption: covert forays into the online reading/viewing habits of adolescent boys. My discoveries in this arena have led to some hilarious insights from a wide variety of family, friends, & acquaintances.

My parenting skills are especially effective in helping other parents feel better about theirs.

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