Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winter Quarter Retrospective

Now that we're in the second week of spring quarter, I thought I'd look back at some of the richness that was last winter quarter.

Trips to Berkeley, Hawaii, Austin, DC (twice),

I met many many new people, and from different fields.

I sat between my dad and my stepdad at my sister’s birthday dinner.

There were ~5 Friday night dinners, ~18 seminars to introduce, ~2 qualifying exams. 

I was the lab gremlin, messing up one of my graduate students’ experiments.

The visiting committee strongly recommended I take a sabbatical leave.

I took a course in mindfulness meditation.

My postdoc met a rat in the lab and couldn’t decide whether to name it “Pinky” or “The Brain”

I developed a theory that might significantly alter the corner where chemistry meets cosmo/geosciences. I woke most days between  4-5am and worked on it until noon.

This last bit will keep me busy for spring and summer, and I'll write about progress in this blog, along with other things.


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