Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Academic Year Inventory 2012-2013

My university is on the quarter system, and we are finishing the dregs of the academic year. Each year around this time I find myself depleted, and I do an annual exercise of taking stock of mine & my research group's accomplishments for the past year. While sometimes it’s hard to see accomplishments during the day-to-day, when I look back over a year, I can what I have accomplished.

Summary: This was a year of intellectual investment.
My goal starting out was to learn new things—specifically for a big problem I’m working on.
And I did learn. A lot.

6 papers submitted
3 papers accepted
3 papers published
~12 works-in-progress

4 active grants
3 proposals submitted
1 renewal granted

Synchrotron experiments
ALS time—high P,T carbonates
APS time—carbonate silicate experiments
APS time—more carbonate-silicate experiments
APS time—high P,T experiments on transition metal oxides
ALS time laser heating

Goldschmidt Conference
AGU conference (4 group abstracts)
One week at Kavli Institute, deep Earth workshop
ALS user meeting
AGU meeting
NSF-DMR-Materials workshop
Electrochemistry workshop in Austin TZ
DOE Geochemistry symposium
Department seminar

External recognition
Elected as a Fellow to Mineralogical Society of America

Group successes
New postdoc started January—new expertise, new experiments
Co-advised postdoc—kicking butt in the lab
Grad student 1: published first paper, passed prelims, received DOE/NNSF graduate fellowship
Grad student 2: about to take advancement to candidacy exam, about to submit 2 papers

Service highlights
COMPRES-chair of infrastructure committee
AGU Governance committee=successful elections
Editorial—shepherded a batch of new papers
Dept. Search committee—hard work=successful

Teaching highlights
Taught graduate geophysics for the first time
Taught undergraduate plate tectonics (2nd time)
Organized planet science and geochemisnars
Silicate liquid reading group plus group meetings

Communications and connections
Two new collaborations
Met lots of new scientists/new friends
Started this blog plus another
Tweeted mightily

Family/personal things
Husband settles into new job
Son graduates 8th grade; learns to play guitar
I take a course in mindfulness meditation.
Family Hawaii trip
Time on East coast with friends & family
Walks with friends
Countless Friday night dinners

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