Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cusp of Summer

The last few weeks of the academic quarter were busy with adventures such as:
  •             My attempt to write a final exam that is actually fun for students to take.
  •             Writing notes-to-myself such as: Next year try to write a final exam that is actually fun for the professor to grade.
  •             Realizing I will really truly be on sabbatical for much of next year, and perhaps I should plan something. I was afraid to think about it during the academic year, I think because I was afraid I would drown in my own anticipation.
  •             Making sure that all lab members are set up for the summer: AGU abstracts, summer salaries, all lab orders out, postdoc put in charge of the lab, etc.
  •             Trying to get at least a little bit of writing done every day.
  •             A personal fantasy (my only) fulfilled at the last minute—a New York City sublet for the summer.
  •             This is a partial lie. My other personal fantasy is a flat in Paris.

And now my summer travels have begun. I have slept in seven different beds the past seven nights. I spent the weekend with my extended nuclear family. Tomorrow I drive my son to camp. It has been fun, but I am looking forward to setting up my summer schedule and my sabbatical schedule filled with my favorite things: writing, walking, family, friends, food, and science.

I have new ideas for this blog, and am looking forward to sharing some more science, and exploring different ways to do science communication. Is there a way to capture share and show how science feels during those occasional times when it gets really fun, exciting, and beautiful? I aim to find out.

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