Friday, October 11, 2013

Notes From the Lab: Group Policies

 Some PIs post on their website explicit expectations for their group members.

Recently, Condensed concepts pointed out an example of one of these, and it motivated me to write my own.   I plan to share these with my students and postdocs, and post to my website.
This is a work in progress: please vet, add, subtract, etc.

MineralPhys Research Group Guidelines

1. Show up and work hard and take pleasure in a well-done job.

2. Do as well as you can: Strive for diligence and organization in your research, teaching and service.

3. Err on the side of over-communication rather than under-communication.

4. You will occasionally suffer. You will feel, at times, terrified, uncomfortable, frustrated. We all do. Welcome to the club!

 5. Take good care of yourself so that you preserve the part that is curious and excited about science. You will likely feel burned out occasionally, so learn physical and mental self-care skills & techniques that work for you.

 6. If in the end, the sum of excitement, fun, pleasure in the work exceeds the sum of discomfort, frustration, and tears---then by all means stay a scientist. If not, you may also stay a scientist.

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