Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talk Outline

Here is my outline for a talk I will give next week in a specialized conference for a different scientific community from my usual.

Take Home Message/Prologue: 
“I have learned all I can from these bad experiments I am about to show you, and would like to do some better experiments. Help?!?”

1.     Why did I want to do these experiments to begin with?
2.     What are these experiments I’m calling “bad”?
3.     Why are they bad?  (Answer: see Fig. 1)
4.     What did I learn from them anyway?
5.     Can I learn anything else from them? (Answer: Nothing I much care about)
6.     What are the attributes of a good experiment? (see Fig. 2)
7.     Answer: they directly test the hypothesis.

Figure 1. The experiments I did.

Figure 2. The experiments I'll do next.