Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year’s Gratitudes

Only the usual new year resolution for me: to continue living life as fully and richly as I am able, not necessarily trying to avoid the usual fuck-ups but with more of a sense of security of self.

But new year’s gratitudes—those I have in abundance.

I am grateful for the entire flock of 14 yr old boys in the house last night, playing all the musical instruments, zooming around on skateboards in the garage, and devouring almost everything in the fridge and pantry.

I am grateful for my nuclear family—my happy childhood, my multiple parents and their adventures, and my own nuclear family: my husband and our son and our happiness and adventures. I am grateful for my sister’s family and my miraculous nephew.

I am grateful for the many miraculous people in my life from the inner circles of those I love to the outer circles of those I don’t know personally: my girlfriends, the kids my son went to daycare with and their parents, the department grad students, the colleagues who can make me smile and think at the same time, R. Spektor who created the soundtrack to last year’s derivations; L. Rennison whose silly kid-books made me laugh all last winter, the ones who grow, pick, & roast my coffee, and the new butcher in Santa Monica.
I am grateful for the ability to continue striving to be the best scientist I can be.

I am grateful for the mile between my home and the Pacific Ocean. Perfect for my daily walk to watch the people watching the sunset. As we watch the sun sink down, I meditate on the Earth tumbling forward in space and I am grateful for Earth’s rotation.

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