Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fish report

One of the highlights of this winter has been my membership in a new seafood co-op.

Each week I go to the farmers’ market to collect my pound of fresh-catch, bring it home, cook it, and feed it to my family. The first week was angel shark, and I gave it my standard fish treatment (recipe below). Next was pacific rockfish, often sold as “pacific red snapper”. This was made into a farmers’ market ceviche, with a variety of market citrus. The third week’s catch was a big hunk of swordfish, which I divided into three steaks, and gave my standard fish treatment with cilantro sauce. Last week was mussels. I sautéed up an onion and head of garlic in half olive oil/half butter while I scrubbed the mussels, and trimmed their beards. Then into the skillet they went along the remaining wine in my glass. I covered the skillet and threw the fresh pasta into a pot of boiling water. I drained the pasta, poured it over the mussels (now perfectly steamed and waiting in their open shells) and mixed in some miso and grated ginger. Delicious.

Recipe: Standard fish treatment for prepared filets or steaks. (oil plus two toppings)

Preheat oven to ~350
Prep fish: pat dry on a towel, salt & pepper, and perhaps a dusting of flour if it’s a thin fish.
Put the fish skillet on the stovetop on a hot flame. 
(I have a few: these are oval-shaped oven-proofed skillets with a handle)
When skillet is hot, add a generous splash of oil and a generous pat of butter.
Plop fish in the skillet. The oil & butter will splatter all over.
Put the oven's top-broiler on.
When fish is halfway done, put on topping 1, and place under the broiler.
When fish is almost done, take out of the broiler & put on topping 2.
Serve in the hot skillet. Fish will finish cooking as you herd your family to the dinner table.

Some of my favorite combinations of oil/topping 1/topping 2
Butter/capers/lemon & parsley
Peanut oil/sesame oil & green onions/lime juice & grated ginger & soy sauce
Ghee/curry & yogurt/cilantro
Olive oil/curry & salsa/parsley
Olive oil/salsa verde/
Olive oil/capers & tomatoes& shallot/parsley & lemon
Butter/shallots/miso & rice wine vinegar

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