Sunday, October 23, 2016

Transition Year Questions

This year marks a transition between major life stages.

 Our son is a high school senior this year, and likely off to college next year at this time. I have no idea how my husband and I did it, but somehow we have been the launchpad engineers for almost 20 years of daily adventures and misadventures.

Has time gone by quickly and slowly and every rate in between?
Has it been fun? exhausting? hilarious? frustrating? happy? miserable? educational?
Are we satisfied? unsatisfied?
Yes to it all.
We are also now middle-aged.

This year I want to tie up hundreds of my dangling threads and also think about what's next:

More adventures?
Still adventures?
Scientific accomplishment?

Making the world a better place?

Political engagement?

When I left engineering for geoscience, I remember knowing I wanted to be a “scientist, writer, teacher, mother” and that is pretty much exactly what I have been doing for ~25 years.

Now I have more questions than declarations.

I need a mantra (or do I?) for the next 25. Compassion, connection, tikkun olam.  Something like that. But also do I want to develop my leadership skills? Leadership is just creatively helping people be the best they can be. In other words, bringing out the best in people. Yes—I would like to learn how to do that better.

I also want to write more. And in writing more, write better.  And share more of my writing, including some of my personal writing.

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