Friday, June 30, 2017

Academic Year Inventory 2016-2017

Every year at this time I do an inventory of my professional and personal highlights (and lowpoints).

Here are some reasons:
1.  The inventory pulls all of the year's accomplishments in one place, so I can see progress.
2.  The inventory shows where (and where not) my investment has resulted in tangible outcomes.
3.  I like the one-page format for comparing year-to-year inventories.
4.  The combination of professional and personal highlights enriches the context for both. I can spot long-term trends.

Feel free to borrow and improve on my template.

Here are some of my inventories from past years:

Here is this year's inventory.
(Note that some of the highlights/lowpoints have been tempered for public post.)

Annual Inventory of Accomplishments AY 2016-2017

I have been in this job for exactly 15 years.
There was a step advancement this year, with a raise that demonstrated my institution's appreciation for my continued work.
The (academic) year started off great with a wonderful summer conference/workshop with many colleagues and friends, but after the elections I limped through the rest of the year with a broken heart.

Still, I woke most mornings before the sunrise, sat at my desk, and did math before breakfast. I may have logged 1000 hours this year on my research problem. Another year of intellectual investment with no direct tangible product yet.

5 papers published
5 papers submitted
4 papers accepted
many works-in-progress

2 active grants
1 proposal submitted
1 non-renewal

Other product
First dividend check from a patent                                                                  

Synchrotron Beamtime Experiments
ALS beamtime July, November—good to have that in wake of election
Group beamtime (I didn’t go) February, Spring

I travelled less than usual this year. I cancelled a few planned trips also.
CIDER Santa Barbara six weeks summer—organizer
COMPRES trip to NSF July
COMPRES Panel review, November, Berkeley
AGU conference (2 group abstracts)
NSF panels

External Recognition/Awards

Group successes
Two grad students (one advanced to candidacy)
Two undergraduates
Three productive collaborations (1 paper submitted; one about to be submitted; 3 published)

Grad student exam committees
about ~6 total

Fall: Mineralogy
Winter: Graduate Geophysics/Equations of State
Spring: Plate Tectonics
Attended teaching-training seminars

Service highlights
COMPRES- Chair of Executive Committee (2nd year)
COMPRES NSF renewal proposal funded
UCLA Undergraduate Council
Department Search committee
Mineralogical Society of America Councilor
NSF panel
Board of Reviewing Editors, Science
Other manuscript reviews~ about 6.

Outreach Highlights
 I did a science outreach event for 20th Century Fox. Earned a donation for our department.
Participated in UCLA science outreach events

Marches/Political Activity
This is a new category this year!

Women's March, Los Angeles Jan 2017
Science March, Los Angeles April 2017
Climate March, Washington DC, April 2017

Family/personal things
I turned 50
Son graduates high school; had a wonderful year; left for summer job and then to college.
Still married, and newly empty nest.
Good health except for the 3-am-wakies-and-can't-get-back-to-sleepies.
Struggled with a few perennial bad habits
Halfway to gaining the "Trump 10"
Exercised at least a little bit most days
Meditated very occasionally
Took bus to work more

Other items
Studying Spanish  
Read many books. 
Watched a few movies and TV shows. 
Approximately monthly theater/music.
Dutiful Daughter Roadtrip 1: Father-Daughter Roadtrip Nova Scotia, September
Dutiful Daughter Roadtrip 2: Mother-Daughter Roadtrip California/Arizona/Grand Canyon, February
Thanksgiving in Carmel.
August in NY/VT with family and new and old friends.
An array of new friendships. 
Cooked a lot of food--probably ~150 dinners. Shared them with family and neighbors and friends. 
Time with friends. But not enough.

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